所有高中毕业生都可以入学, or those who have satisfactorily completed the General Education Development (GED) test or individuals 18 years or older. 澳门唯一正规官方网站要求攻读学位的学生提交高中transcripts.


  • 普通教育文凭;
  • a certificate or other official completion documentation demonstrating that the student has passed a state-authorized examination that the state recognizes as the equivalent of a high school diploma;
  • 大专学历;
  • successful completion of at least 60 semester that does not result in the awarding of an associate degree, but that is acceptable for full credit toward a bachelor’s degree at any institution; or
  • enrollment in a bachelor’s degree program where at least 60 semester or trimester credit hours or 72 quarter credit hours have been successfully completed, 包括转入学士学位课程的学分.


  • 递交申请网址: buscabancos.net/apply-now.
  • 要求将正式的高中transcripts寄到招生办公室.
  • 从其他机构调来的, 要求将正式的大学transcripts发送到招生办公室.
  • 参加定向.

Applicants wishing to take classes for personal interest or with a high school Certificate of Completion will be non-degree seeking:
在网上提交申请 buscabancos.net/apply-now.

在学期开始前尽早申请. 申请一经收到即予以处理,并优先考虑即将到来的学期. 每学期将公布学位/证书申请的截止日期.



  • 学位或证书入学
    对于打算完成副学士学位的申请人, 转学:转学或完成某一职业专业的证书课程.
  • 非学位的招生


Applicants currently attending another Michigan college/ university may apply as a guest student at 澳门唯一正规官方网站. 客座学生必须提交一份完整的密歇根大学统一本科客座申请. This application must be submitted for each semester a student plans to attend for a maximum of two semesters. 两个学期后, a student must complete an 澳门唯一正规官方网站 application for admission if they wish to continue to be enrolled at 澳门唯一正规官方网站.


如果你有其他学院或大学的学分, 要求该学校的注册主任将正式transcripts发送到澳门唯一正规官方网站招生办公室. Your credits will be evaluated and the transfer credit evaluation available on your Self Service account. You will receive credit from institutions recognized by Regional Institutional Accrediting Organizations for those college-level courses in which you received a 2.0/C或以上成绩,并与澳门唯一正规官方网站课程相似. 总学分将记录在你的transcripts上. 在某些情况下, 在申请特定的职业项目时, 只有适用于这些项目的类才能被评估. 只能转学分,不能转成绩. 如果你在国外读过书, your transcript must be evaluated by an evaluation service for comparison to regionally-accredited institutions in the United States. 澳门唯一正规官方网站推荐的认证服务有 教育证书评估公司. and 世界教育服务.

NOTE如果你已经完成了AP学分,并且需要将你的transcripts发送到澳门唯一正规官方网站,请访问 美国大学.org.

The application process for home-school students nearly mirrors the application process for the “traditionally schooled” student.

  • 在家接受教育的学生必须提供:

    • 高中transcripts. 这份transcripts可以来自家庭学校课程代理机构, 也可以由家长(或教师)生成. transcripts应该列出完成的课程和获得的成绩. 学生可以在他们的期末课程还在进行的时候申请, 但我们必须在进入澳门唯一正规官方网站之前收到一份表明毕业日期的“最终”transcripts.
    • 官方的ACT或SAT成绩报告. Check with the ACT or SAT organizations for test dates and for information on how to have your scores sent to us.

澳门唯一正规官方网站的双招生是有选择性的. 高中学生必须符合双录取条件.

  • 要被考虑参加学术课程,未来的双录取学生必须完成以下其中一项:

    • Submit ACT reading score of 19 or higher and writing score of 18 or higher to 澳门唯一正规官方网站’s 招生 Office for review, or
    • 如果你也想选一门需要精通数学的大学课程, 你需要在数学分班考试中取得至少21分或更高的ACT分数. 这可能使你具备中级代数或更高水平的资格.
    • Take 分班测试. 有关测试的信息,请致电(231)995-2134. 考试成绩存档后, students will receive an eligibility letter showing what classes they may be able to take and outlining additional steps in the dual enrollment process.
  • 符合条件的双录取学生参加学术课程必须做到以下几点:

    • Complete the dual enrollment application with your high school counselor and obtain all required signatures.
    • 将申请表发送或带到澳门唯一正规官方网站招生办公室.
    • 参加定向. 在这个时候,学生将注册课程. (首次双招生的学生必须参加入学指导.)
    • 如果你的学校支付学费,你可以从学校支付课程费用或提交文书

Health Occupations have special admissions requirements as outlined under the specific program in this catalog. 五大湖海事学院(GLMA)也有特殊的入学要求. GLMA应用程序包可在网上获得 buscabancos.net/maritime 或从学院招生办公室,五大湖校区,715 E. 前街,(231)995 -1200.

In the event you are denied admission to an occupational program that has special admission requirements, you may appeal such matters to the Director of 招生 and subsequently to an admissions review committee for consideration.

西北密歇根大学欢迎州外学生的入学申请. 如果你打算去特拉弗斯城, 请致电欢迎中心(231)995-1054查询有关校园参观的信息.

(231) 995-1082

Northwestern Michigan College is authorized by law to enroll non-immigrant students and welcomes these applications. 我们鼓励未来的学生在网上申请 buscabancos.net/apply-now.

  • International入学要求

    • International学生是指持有或正在申请F-1签证的非移民, M-1, 或J-1学生签证. The student must complete an 澳门唯一正规官方网站 International Student Application including all supporting documentation. 秋季学期申请截止日期为6月15日,春季学期申请截止日期为10月15日.
    • 未来的International学生必须出示官方记录, 标记表, transcripts, diplomas and 证书 from high schools and all other academic institutions for consideration before admission will be granted. This should include an official record of any postsecondary schooling the student has had in the United States. 这些记录必须显示所修课程和获得的成绩, 如果原始记录是另一种语言,则必须翻译成英文. 如果提供了翻译, 它应该由适当的公共或学校官员证明是准确和正确的, 或赞助机构或政府. 还必须包括原语文的正式记录.
    • The student must provide official test scores to prove adequate proficiency in the English language unless English is their native language. 符合下列条件的学生可获准入学:
      • 托福成绩最低要求:网考61分,CBT 173分,PBT 500分
      • 托业成绩最低:500分
      • 雅思成绩最低:5分.0
    • 学生必须提供足够一年经济资源的证明. 这一要求的细节可以在International学生申请中找到.
    • 澳门唯一正规官方网站 requires international students to have health insurance coverage for the duration of their enrollment and prior to registration. 有关健康保险的信息包含在申请表中.
    • The student must attend an International Student 取向 at the beginning of the first semester of their enrollment at 澳门唯一正规官方网站 in addition to attending a General Student 取向
    • 校园内有学生宿舍. 信息可以在网上找到 buscabancos.net/housing. 澳门唯一正规官方网站不帮助学生在该地区寻找寄宿家庭或住房. 学生必须在抵达美国之前提供住房安排证明.
    • International学生 transferring to 澳门唯一正规官方网站 must have their current international advisor complete the Transfer In Form.
  • International学术条例

    • International学生 must carry no fewer than 12 credit hours per semester with a maximum of 3 online credits. Taking fewer than 12 credit hours per semester is considered a violation of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) regulations. 为了避免处罚, international students may not withdraw from any classes without the International Student Advisor’s approval.
    • 在International学生注册第一学期之前, 他们必须完成分班测试并与澳门唯一正规官方网站学术顾问会面.
    • 如果在第一学期结束时,International学生已成功修满12个学分, 他们可以继续常规学习. If not, they must file for reinstatement with the USCIS and complete no less than 12 credits with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0或更高才能继续在澳门唯一正规官方网站学习. International学生 who fail to meet this requirement are considered out of status and may be dismissed from the College.
    • At 澳门唯一正规官方网站, 在辅导课上获得的所有学分都包含在每学期12学分的要求中.
    • International学生入学即视为接受上述政策. Any irregular academic or personal behavior will be brought before the Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Services. 学生可以提交书面申诉,他或她认为是不公正的决定. 此项申诉可向负责招生管理和学生服务的副校长提出. 如果符合以下条件,International学生可以保持F-1签证身份:
      • 每学期(秋季和春季)完成12个学分
      • 保持不少于2.平均绩点0
      • Make continuous progress toward the degree program listed on their I-20 Pay all tuition and College bills when due
      • I-20表格将在整个注册期间保持有效. It will, however, need to be endorsed (signed) no more than five business days in advance of the departure date each time the student leaves the country